Is There a Preferred Betting Method When Betting On Virtual Sports – Part Two

In this second part of the article, we are now going to look at whether backing a certain number of horse in the race would offer a better return, whether betting on selections of between specific odds would yield better results and we’ll even take a look at whether a Martingale style system would work for site recommendation. Then we’ll compare this to a random selection and see how it compares.

For ease of reference for the reader, I’ve replicated the table of results on which we are basing our calculations on the different betting systems below.

Backing the Same Number of Runner each time

The first issue you have with using this method when betting on Virtual Horses is unlike Virtual Cycling, Motor Sports, or Greyhounds, and there are a different number of runners in horse races. The minimum amount is eight, so to ensure you back the same amount in each race, you would only be able to pick from numbers 1 to

Of course, this now creates an issue in races with more than eight runners as it means if any horse from number 9 onward wins, then you can never succeed in that race.

A quick review of the 20 races reveals that only three times in the 20 race selection did this occur (Races 5, 7 and 17 where numbers 10, 15 and 11 won). So let’s assume we’re happy to select one number between 1 and 8 for our 20 races and we back that selection with #10 to win.

The table below outlines how much we would have won had we backed the same number in each of the 20 races, showing the number of wins, total payouts for that number across the 20 tracks and the profit/loss you would have received had you picked that number, assuming a total spend on bets of #200 (#10 to win per race) across the 20 tracks.

What we can see here is that there is a massive discrepancy between the best choice and worst. If you’d picked number 2, you’d have lost all your #200 worth of bets, however, choose name 4 or number 8, and you’d have taken home well over #200 profit.

However, this doesn’t tell us anything as you’d still have to rely entirely on a chance to pick the right number in the first place, but what it does tell us is that choosing the correct amount can be a profitable way to bet if you are lucky.

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