Be Different: Ear Stretching

Do you wish to add a bit of spice to your regular and boring look? Well, we suggest you to go with ear stretching if you wish to have a bold and classy look and have the desire to stand out in the crowd. It is a form of body piercing which is characterized by deliberate or forceful expansion of a pierced body part that is healed and is usually done for the purpose of wearing different and distinguished types of jewelry. These are extremely diverse and versatile to look at and separate yourself from the general crowd.

Piercing can be done in any way that you prefer. Once you get your ear pierced, the very next step is to let it heal. After you get your ear stretched, you can wear any jewelry of your choice. The following are various methods that are best suited to ear stretching:

  • Tapering- This is the most common jewelry type for ear stretching. It is a conical rod which are designed specifically for the purpose. The jewelry piece requires lubrication after which it is pushed in the ear.
  • Dead stretching- Now, another interesting jewelry piece is dead stretching which involves inserting a larger chunk of jewelry into an already existing stretch. This jewelry is worn by people who do not want to use a taper for increasing the size of the stretch.
  • Teflon tape- In this method, the original piece of jewelry pierced is removed and a thin layer of tape is wrapped around and the jewelry is inserted again so that the piercing increases as per the new width and this process is repeated.

Thus, ear stretching is one of the most sought-after body modification method that can add a really great looking and bold move to your bodily features.

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