Agen bola tangkas is an Indonesian term used for a bookmaker’,’Bookie’ or individual who facilitates putting bets on sporting events or other kinds of gaming. His task would be to set chances, accept and put stakes ad to pay out the winnings on behalf of the people that are gambling, also known as the clients’. They are becoming an increasingly popular profession because of the high stakes involved. Not all the services provided by a bookie could possibly be lawful, although it depends upon the state or local authorities where gambling has been done to ascertain that.

Bookies do not always make money by gambling or putting any bets on themselves.

It is usually done by charging the client a payment on the stakes they set.

They may also lend money to a number of the bettors then recover it from them on an interest fee.

It is an art to place the chances and determine the results of a match.

In this profession, bookies are expected to charge very high fees, which distinguishes them form regular brokers.

They generally have tie-ups with casinos to calculate risks and charge that the customer fees according to the speed of success.


The realm of betting is dictated by numerous doubts and so making the most of the situation can be a profession in itself. Agen bola tangkas are a group of seasoned agents for this reason, who become the middlemen between the industry and the customer. Additionally, it becomes easier for the customer to gamble and potentially earn money out of the same. Even though it can be illegal to bet or to be a bookie, it is dependent upon the country where gambling is happening.

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